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The data captured after scanning can be used to verify models, both before construction or a refurbishment even starts and once the project is complete. During construction, regular scanning then enables the comparison of point cloud data to detect deviations and track project progress. Once construction is complete, a scan can be compared to the planned model to confirm whether the project was executed according to plan.


Planning and verification of 3D models or IFC models with actual scanned situation (3D scan) in the IndoorViewer. After mapping, 4 can demonstrate that what is planned is also made correctly and meets customer requirements by importing the 3D or IFC model into the pointcloud and showing deviations from the model.


Streamline all the assets by creating an overview of all available assets; tag assets as Points of Interest and enrich them with relevant information. Upload and attach related documents to the visual of each item, such as maintenance reports or instruction manuals. Simplify maintenance reporting and reduce time on site. Point of interest links can be sent to technicians to provide them with all relevant information so they can prepare before they get there. They can view documentation, take measurements, and plan the best route to the asset.


As with many FM industry events, building information models (BIM) were a hot topic. We all know that BIM has reduced costs and improved efficiency for the construction industry. What is less clear is how FM can achieve the same benefits.

After maping you have access to our indoorviewer with very sharp panoramic photographs and a digital 3D environment of your entire business premises. In the indoor viewer you can enter, edit and monitor all your business processes and integrate them into your existing FMIS, ERP, website or intranet site. Items such as contract management, planned maintenance, inventory management, reservations, inspections and meta-management are all available, measurable and reportable.


With our mapping trolley we map complete buildings in hours at an unmatched cost/quality ratio up to 25000 square meters a day. Six high resolution cameras capture 360 degree panoramic images that are stitched together to create immersive 3D visualizations of indoor spaces. The cameras are equipped with ultra photosensitive lenses that capture high quality images

Our 3D scans enables you to create and validate a model from a point cloud fast and cost effectively. Delivering the data within a few days for a fraction of the cost compared to regular static scanning.The most accurate and fastest way to deliver as-built models.

Capture building information modelling (BIM) data at every stage in the construction process.
5mm coloured point clouds in XYZ, PLY, PTZ, E57 and LAS formats.
Import the point clouds into your software to create 2D & 3D CAD or BIM models.


In the indoorviewer it is even possible to visualize the latest identification, location and sensing technologies, including active wireless sensors and telemetrics, the indoorviewer visualize  operational processes and control complex business events live and in real time.

Threw one of our partners we are capable to equip buildings with sensors which deliver information for service processes about status and usage and robotics that support employees in delivering services. Applications include real time sensoring sensors, PLC log files, ERP production batches,

RFID inventory systems, localizations , superior deployment, maintenance and use of such systems

Consolidate data flows from different sources.